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Turene Bedroom Set | CS-26

Product Description

Worth of its cost Turenen Bedroom set is designed very compact with large utility. This queen bed keeps you soothing and provides comfortable sleeping while you take a sound sleep. Its huge storage space keeps all your excess things in the box for safe. Coordinated with one night stand with one full channel drawer and one open shelf, dressing table with wide storage for easy access of daily essentials and three door wardrobe with hanger and shelves makes it more convenient to store your stuff properly and safely. Our all products are ISO:9001, 18001, 14001 approved quality standards and possess the features like Fungus and Termite Proof, Sharp edges with smooth corners.

CodeName of ItemSize
CS-26 (26.5 TS)Bed with Top Storage 16mm  5 x 6 ½
CS-26 (26.6 TS)Bed with Top Storage 16mm 6 x 6 ½
CS-26 (20.2 P)Wardrobe 2 door 16mm800 x 470 x 1915
CS-26 (DT-19)Dressing Table 16mm1900 x 500 x 450
CS-26 ( ST-22)Side Table 16mm400 x 440 x 450
Option :
CS-26 (26.5 NHDS)Bed with New Hydraulic 16mm5 x 6 1/2
CS-26 (26.6 NHDS)Bed with New Hydraulic 16mm6 x 6 1/2
CS-26 (20.3 P)Wardrobe 3 door 16mm1200 x 470 x 1915
ColourWalnut + Wenge (4039+858)


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