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7 Fresh Furniture Designer Tips For Your Living Room

Living rooms mean something different for each home owner. For most people, it is the ideal gathering place for the family. For others, it is a showroom especially for visitors. You may also want to use the living room as your relaxation and entertainment area. How well this space serves your intended purpose depends on the furniture you buy and its arrangement. Here are tips on how to set your living room to ensure that it serves the intended purpose.


  1. Identify a focal point for your living room- everything else will be arranged around this focal point. Such a point is determined by the positioning of the fire place, windows, doors, etc. It will determine where you position your sofa set Nagpur, television, coffee table, etc. The focal point must consider the entries and exits to the room. Make the room easy to enter, move around and leave.

2. Furniture makes your living room social- living rooms are meant to bring people together especially for conversations. It must, therefore, be arranged strategically to give people the best opportunity to converse. Avoid an arrangement that will cause people to strain their necks or shout in order to be heard. Since there will be movement to and from other parts of the house, conversations should not be interrupted.



3. Make movement easier- the house is more than a living room. Even as people converse, they may want to use rest rooms or enjoy refreshments being served. Movement and access to amenities in the house should therefore inform your design. Movement should not cause other activities like watching television or positioning of legs to be affected.


4. Furniture quality- the quality of furniture in your living room will determine how comfortable and welcoming it will be. The best furniture manufacturer India provides a variety of materials and designs for different budgets. Though the quality of furniture has an effect on the price, there are excellent brands that offer high quality yet affordable sofa sets, dining table Nagpur, coffee tables, etc. Invest in quality furniture in order to make your living area more comfortable.


5.Rug- a stylish and quality rug will transform the appearance of your living area. It is even used to demarcate the area as well as add to the feeling of quality. The furniture chosen should comfortably sit on your carpet. For large living rooms, at least the front feet should touch the edges of the carpet. The coffee table should stand squarely on the carpet.


Living Room Accessories

Once you have strategically placed your furniture in your living room, it is time to think of the positioning of accessories. They include art work and window treatments, sconces and television, among others. You should pay attention to their placement as much as you did to the arrangement of the room. These accessories add a touch of elegance to your living area while others like the clock and television are functional. You may consider working with a professional interior designer to set up your living room.

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